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Quality is our foundation, the lifeblood for growth and sustainability.

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We at PRUDENCE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORP. (PDMC), take pride in being a premier manufacturer and exporter of tobacco cut-rags, cigarettes and other tobacco-related products in the Philippines. Founded in December of 2000 with business addresses located at the Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) in Pampanga, Philippines. The company specializes in cut-rag production, finished filter rods and cigarettes in specialized or custom-made blends answering every need and demand of our clients.


Our competitive edge is backed by the vast experience of its senior officers and our production facilities will ensure precision and accuracy to standards, having acquired state-of-the-art equipment the latest technology available in the market. As part of our aim to consistently deliver high quality products, in January 4, 2018, PDMC was awarded by TUV-SUD Philippines as ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified.

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With the experience, knowledge and passion to continually grow and improve in an ever changing industry, PDMC is strategically positioned to offer premium cut-rags and tobacco related products of the highest quality and at competitive prices. It is our mission to develop strong working relationships with our customers throughout the world through proven quality, continuous support  and unrivaled customer service.


At PDMC we continuously strive to produce world-class tobacco products and cigarettes that meet the stringent criteria of our PARTNERS, by empowering our PEOPLE to be shareholders of the company’s success and ensuring that PROCESSES and standards are improved to maximize PRODUCTIVITY and efficiency thus, ensuring the timely return of management’s investments and PROFITS.


Our vision is to be the market leader in exporting tobacco and cigarette products from the Philippines to different countries in Asia and in other parts of the world through timely delivery and distribution of competitively world-class and innovative products.

Quality Policy Statement

We, at PDMC, are committed to provide quality tobacco cut-rags and superior line of cigarette brands to the full satisfaction of our customers and clients in full compliance to legal, statutory and regulatory requirements. We achieve this goal through:

•    The full implementation of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System that ensures the efficiency and effectiveness as well as continuous improvement of our internal processes;

•    Strengthening PDMC’s R&D to develop and offer an array of client-preferred top of the line tobacco products for both export and local markets;

•    Ensuring a working environment that encourages team work, dedication and commitment and where employees are recognized for their value and contribution to the success of PDMC.

Core Values







Primary Location

Hours away to Major Asian Cities.

PDMC is located in the Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ), Pampanga, Philippines where it is accessible by land, air and sea and where tax and fiscal incentives are available to clients and investors, such as:

  • 5% Gross Income Earned in Lieu of Local and National Taxes
  • Duty Free Importation of Equipment and Raw Materials
  • Free Movement of Finished Goods within the Freeport
  • Special Visas for Investors/Clients

CFZ is also “Supply Chain Friendly” with numerous suppliers, manufacturers and warehouses already strategically located within the area. It has reliable and world-class facilities with a large number of English-speaking manpower supply. Furthermore, CFZ where PDMC is located is secured, there is no traffic and no pollution.






Established in 2000, PDMC (Philippines) is a well-developed tobacco and cigarette products manufacturing company.

With three primary production lines including Virginia line, Burley line and Stem line as well as its own filter rod production line, PDMC (Philippines) is able to produce a whole series of cigarette products including 84mm soft and hard box, 94mm hard box and 100mm hard box. Along with its own brands, PDMC is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Golden Deer and Golden Bridge brands for China Tobacco, one of the leading cigarette conglomerates in the world. Along with its own brands, these products are sold all over the world. In 2016, PDMC ranks the 10th largest import and export corporation in Clark Free Trade Zone.

Established in 2015, PDMC (HK) Ltd is joint venture company of PDMC (Philippines), responsible for business liaison and marketing development.